The Disciple Of Wisdom

Welcome! This site was created to make available certain esoteric teachings needed for initiation into the brother/sisterhood of the divine seekers of Truth. Truth does not change over time, and is available to anyone willing to put in the time and effort needed to learn it’s secrets. Initiation occurs spontaneously when the seeker has reached a certain level of understanding and has attained the necessary subtlety of perception needed to perceive the inner voice of wisdom. Subtlety is needed because this inner voice communicates in a whisper, and cannot be heard with the physical ears.  One must develop the subtle perception, which is done through the practice of meditation and contemplation. We also develop this intuition by making use of certain tools such as tarot and astrology. These skills and others will be taught in depth on this site free of charge.


Bhagavan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri. A true aavadhut, seer, and holy man.

. And here are the first four truths to be contemplated:

1) Knowledge without application is a burden.

2) Knowledge applied is Wisdom.

3) Seeking after Truth makes the disciple of Wisdom.

4) Wisdom makes whom it pleases Adepts at Magic.

Magic is just another word for Wisdom. It symbolizes applied philosophy.

Accumulating knowledge is only useful when it can be applied in some practical way. Otherwise it is just another burden we carry around with us. Dead weight. But there is a simple way to make use of our insights, and in so doing advance on the spiritual path: We must act in accordance with our highest understanding at any given moment. This is the proof of progress, the razors edge. And the more we can implement this ideal in our daily lives, the quicker we progress and grow. This is true Spiritual Evolution. And it is to this ideal that this website is dedicated by the author. This site by it’s nature is a work in progress. I invite all those seekers searching for sanity in this chaotic world to join me in changing the world one step at a time. And it is my absolute conviction that this change must begin within. How can we change the world if we can’t even change ourselves? The good news is we can. Fortunately for us this work has been going on for millennium, and there have been trailblazers whose wisdom has been passed down to light the way for us. I will refer to these trailblazers as The Ascended Masters, the sum total of which I will refer to as Universal Intelligence. This is not to be confused with another principle we shall be exploring, that is the dynamic aspect of Universal Intelligence which I will refer to as Spirit or Shakti. Also, it will be my habit generally to refer to Shakti in the feminine and Intelligence or Wisdom in the masculine. And it is the interplay of these two principles, awareness and intent, static and dynamic energy, that creates everything created. It sustains, destroys, pervades and trans mutates all objects in the phenomenal universe. In exploring this site you may notice that I put thoughts together in a somewhat unconventional way, and you find yourself in a shifted state of awareness. This is because the concepts and techniques I am exploring are not ordinary, so I won’t be discussing them in ordinary ways. I will be using italics in unusual ways, and as words often have multiple meanings, I will sometimes use (parenthesis) to clarify the context and to encourage the mind of the reader to explore some unusual thought associations. Those that are truly interested in these topics will stick with me through this maze of magical perception, for it is not philosophy, but magic (applied philosophy) that interests me. And this website is for those that share my interest.

This site will be divided into multiple levels. Level one will be general or theoretical considerations, an overview if you will. As you advance from level to level the the philosophy and logic will become more abstract, yet the techniques and applications more concrete. Welcome to the divine paradox!

Level one of each topic will explain what it is, and why it works. This I believe is a unique approach. Usually in studying an esoteric subject, like astrology for instance, the writer spends most of his time explaining how it works. But you’re left in the dark as to the why. And you’re left on your own to figure out if it works at all. You’re expected to believe on blind faith. I believe in faith, but not blindness. The only reason to study something is if you believe there is something to be gained. And this belief should be based on concrete knowledge. So when I speak about ethereal things I speak about them in concrete ways. And when I discuss so-called concrete things, I will speak about them in abstract ways. My goal being to demonstrate the relationship between the two.

I invite you now to move on to Esoteric Astrology(even if you’re not “into” astrology). This is where the process will begin. And if you can truly comprehend why astrology works, then you can understand what the cosmic egg is. At which point the how won’t be difficult to demonstrate.

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