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Astrology Level One

Astrology is the study of the energetic dynamics of the phenomenal universe. That is to say, it is the dynamic interaction between distinct energetic systems (the planets) through time (the signs) connected by a common denominator (the sun).

Rather abstract and convoluted you say? Allow me to extrapolate.

We live in an energy system. We are energetic beings living on an energetic system called the Earth which orbits around a larger energy system called the Sun .Likewise, there are other energy systems we call planets, which also share the same point of reference(the Sun). These systems interact with each other due to their common denominator(the Sun), and can be said to have a relationship with each other as well as with the Sun. Now as the astronomical name of the sun is Sol, the aforementioned energy system is called the Solar System. And this magnetic energy field represents our extended environment. Since it is common knowledge that living organisms are influenced by their environment, and since it can be seen that larger energetic entities (the Sun) have dominance over smaller ones(the planets), which is demonstrated by the fact that the planets are held in orbit by the magnetic pull of the sun.Therefor, their can remain little doubt that human beings, as smaller energetic beings, they must be influenced by the interaction(relationships) of the larger. Contemplate this.