The Apparent Reality

In sailing parlance there are two kinds of wind: The apparent wind and the true wind. The true wind is the wind that is actually blowing due to the prevailing weather patterns at the moment. The apparent wind is the wind experienced on the boat due to the combination of the true wind and the boats movement on the water.

It’s the same thing you experience when riding a bicycle or motorcycle, or driving in a car with the windows open. The wind appears to increase as you pick up speed, especially if you are headed upwind with the wind blowing in your face. The wind has not changed at all in any way, but your experience of it sure has.

And this is the nature of your own personal reality. What you experience as reality is a combination of the true, eternal, unchanging reality(God), and your personal point of view at the moment. And this perspective is influenced by your thoughts, moods, personality tendencies etc, in short, the sum total of your personal experience. Because of these projections, superimposed upon reality as it is, we see things through the glass darkly of our own perceptions.

The Silent Awareness

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