Esoteric Astrology

Astrology is a blueprint of the energy dynamics by which the phenomenal universe operates. That is,  the dynamic interaction between distinct energetic systems (the planets) through time (the signs) connected by a common denominator (the sun).

Rather abstract and convoluted you say? Allow me to extrapolate.

We live in an energy system. We are energetic beings living on an energetic system called the Earth which orbits around a larger energy system called the Sun. Likewise, there are other energy systems we call planets, which also share the same point of reference(the Sun). These systems interact with each other due to their common denominator(the Sun), and can be said to have a relationship with each other as well as with the Sun. Now as the astronomical name of the sun is Sol, the aforementioned energy system is called the Solar System. And this magnetic energy field represents our extended environment. It is common knowledge that living organisms are influenced by their environment, and it can be seen that larger energetic entities (the Sun) have dominance over smaller ones(the planets). This is demonstrated by the fact that the planets are held in orbit by the magnetic pull of the sun. Therefore there can remain little doubt that human beings, as smaller energetic beings,  must be influenced by the interaction(relationships) between the larger Celestial Spheres. Contemplate this.

The next question that suggests itself once one ascertains that there must be some influence on us from our energy environment (the solar system) is how? And what is the mechanism of transference of these celestial influences?

In order to begin to understand this we first need to comprehend another occult concept. That is the relationship between the macrocosm and the microcosm. The macrocosm is defined as “everything that exists anywhere”, the microcosm as “a smaller replica of something.”  In occult parlance the macrocosm represents the sum total of existence(God). It is the potential or blueprint by which, from which, and through which everything that is comes into being and derives its substance. It is the first cause from which all causes derive their meaning. It is the object maker,  everything else  the objects made. We are the exact replica in miniature of the universe from which we are created.  And yet we are the macrocosm and the microcosm at the same time! How we experience ourselves depends on our point of reference. And what we identify with. The universe exists outside as the macrocosm, inside as the microcosm. The two are in perfect sympathy, for the two are really one. When we identify with the small(ego) we become small. When we expand our consciousness and merge with the universal,  our small trivial concepts become meaningless.  this is the purpose of all spiritual endeavor; to raise or expand consciousness. Back to astrology.

By extending this logic to the next hypothesis, one can deduce that celestial magnetic forces  don’t influence us from the outside in, but from the inside out. This is because the microcosm within is moved as the celestial bodies move, and they assert themselves into our subconscious as tendencies. These tendencies manifest themselves as our apparent reality.





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