The Aspirant

The Aspirant
We are all Yogi’s. We are all on the path to liberation. Unfortunatly, many of us are going in the wrong direction. Many of us get distracted and take long(lifetimes!)detours. We are all seeking the same thing, which is our own true Self(God).
But we seek it in the wrong way, and in the wrong places. This is because we have forgotten who we are(Univeral Consciousness), and believe that we are bound. By acceptance of this lie, it because almost true! That is, it is partly true, yet still a lie. It is partly true in the sense that since our true nature is Universal, Unlimited Consciousness, and since this lie exists as a notion in it, then our own belief gives it a power over us that seems to be real. It is a lie in the sense that it has no factual, objective reality. How can pure consciousness be bound? By what? By whom? Consciousness(Spirit) is all there is, nothing else exists, so what is then left to bind or hinder us? Yet, until we Realize this, we act from the belief that we are Jiva’s(fettered souls/sinners).
Until we realize our own true nature, we are under the belief that we are Jiva’s. And because of that belief it seems to be true. And this is the human condition. And the cause of all suffering.
The Jiva wanders aimlessly for a very long time(lifetimes). It seeks for something, but isn’t sure what that something is, or where to find it. It seeks for it in human love, drugs, material success, yet when it attains some of these things, it finds that it is not fufilled.
Finally, after much suffering and disillusionment, the attaction of transient pleasures begins to fade. It wants something that will last longer than a heartbeat, it wants Truth. It begins to enquire into the meaning of existence, the cause behind the effects,Wisdom.
Until this point is reached, nothing can be done for it. It much reach this point by itself. When it does(finally)reach this place, it becomes an Aspirant.
And when it reaches the level of Aspirant it can be helped. Because it now seeks the truth knowingly, it will be able to accept the help given. And the amount of help given is in direct proportion to the ability to accept. The entire ocean is available, but how big is your cup? Until the level of Aspirant is reached, you don’t have a cup. That is why you couldn’t be helped. Empty the cup of it’s false notions and fill it with the nectar of The Initiate.

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